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New Design - Tio Antonius :iconcodename710:codename710 2 2 current progress :iconcodename710:codename710 1 6 Steel Blade - sketch ver.1 :iconcodename710:codename710 2 14
Demi-God Trailer
Writer's note: this is just a quick writing trailer of my novel idea. sorry if this is weird
Some said he was a gifted child
two of them are sitting together, looking to a full moon. Tio then said to him
"damn, I envy you Arthur, you are talented in both of them, you will have a great future."
some said he only bring calamity.....
One of the survivor than came to them and started to shout
"Our town is destroyed because of you! Why can't you just surrender yourself to them! don't be so selfish! Now our life is ruined!"
"Shut up! You don't understand what he have gone through!" one of his friend shouted back to him, trying to defend arthur
some want him, for their own ambition....
at the king's throne room, the king are talking with one of his soldier
"I don't care what must we do! Just bring him to me! and forced him to join our side so we can win this war! And don't let our enemy get him first!"
some searched for him, to take vengeance
"At last I found you
:iconcodename710:codename710 0 5
Broken TV Canvas :iconcodename710:codename710 3 27 New ID :iconcodename710:codename710 0 18 Emil - ratatosk mode :iconcodename710:codename710 2 16 I TG'ed Myself - remake :iconcodename710:codename710 3 8 Tio Antonius :iconcodename710:codename710 5 11 Phantom thief Dark :iconcodename710:codename710 1 22
New Chapter 1
From the beginning..
I realized what I must do
Since that incident…
Since ‘Death’ enter my body…
I have found my answer….
I have found my purpose of living…
My mind was made up…
I don’t have any regrets…
I was already alone from the start..
No one will cry for my death…
That year had changed me…
The year I met my friends….
Friends that care for me…
Friends that were irreplaceable for me….
That wall was shattered…
My mind was fuzzy
It is too hard to leave them….
It is too hard to say goodbye…
It is too painful…. to leave her….
That thought come to me for the first time..
“ I still want to live, I don’t want to die”
One thing stopped my confusion
The humanity’s fate is in my hand
I can’t let them died..
Just because of my selfishness to ke
:iconcodename710:codename710 1 5
Different body, Same soul :iconcodename710:codename710 1 17 Wizard FFT :iconcodename710:codename710 4 33 I TG'ed Myself :iconcodename710:codename710 0 8 Character concept - chibi :iconcodename710:codename710 0 4 ID lineart :iconcodename710:codename710 1 5

Random Favourites

Unlimited Change. Chapter 14
It was dark. Very dark. My head was throbbing as I turned over to look at the clock beside my hospital bed. It was 1:00 in the morning. I looked back over to the ceiling. My head was wrapped in bandages. My leg was burning. I looked down to see it was also wrapped in bandages (I have really good night vision) I could feel that most of the skin was gone on my leg. They must have dosed me with something because I instantly fell back to sleep.
I woke up around noon the next day.
“Hey look she’s awake!” shouted Farrah rushing over.
“hey Farrah.” I said slowly sitting up. “how long have I been in this coma?”
“About a week now.” she replied looking over me relieved that I was alive.
“where’s Amy?” I asked looking at Maggie Morty and Farrah. Instantly their smiles dropped.
“what’s wrong?” I asked looking at them really confused.
“uhhh… there’s something we have to tell you.” said Maggie Standing up.
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Antonius Satrio Triatmoko
my real name is tio
fav color: RED
fav Element: FIRE
Fav job in game: Mage!Wizard!
Likes: RPG games(Persona, kingdom Hearts), Fantasy, Daydreaming, Girls( Of course!Masa cowo si?)
My favourite subject is MATH!!!

Favourite genre of music: Anything
MP3 player of choice: Sony
Favourite cartoon character: Doraemon,Aigis,Sora,Riku,Minato Arisato,
Personal Quote: What's done is done
  • Listening to: the floating imperial city
  • Reading: FMA n Naruto
  • Watching: hmm.. utube
  • Playing: UNO, Pool, VIolin
  • Eating: Dining hall's food, pringles, lays
  • Drinking: mineral water, Nutri sari
well, just want to say that I move to new account.
Why? dunno, feel like having a change in atmosphere, start everything from zero again.
Try find me if you want, or ask me if you want to know

Anyway, i'll still linger in this account for awhile.

see you later


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